Private Barrel Club Spotlight

Private Barrel
Club spotlight.

At Foundry Distilling, we’ve done hundreds of private barrels for companies, friends and family. Check out what some of these members of the Private Barrel Club had to say about their custom spirit!

When Drury Outdoors began this process, we knew we’d end up with a unique bottle of booze. What we didn’t know was that we’d learn so much from, and make friends with, the Foundry crew along the way. Cheers!

Mark Drury, Co-Founder Drury Outdoors

Our board-of-directors and senior management got together to make whiskey for our employees and key customers. It was a great experience and allowed us to create a meaningful gift for all parties. We learned a lot about whiskey and highlighted the history and values of our bank on the label.

Erik Skovgard, CEO, Lincoln Savings Bank

We were looking for a unique way to commemorate our 75th anniversary in business. The Private Barrel Club was a perfect option. We had fun, learned a lot and ended up with a great marketing piece at a good price. And to top it off we made some great whiskey! Cheers Foundry, thanks for helping us build our next generation of legacies.

Greg Manatt, V.P., Manatts Inc.

We made whiskey to celebrate our firm’s 15 year anniversary. It was a great opportunity for our team to appreciate the art and science behind the process. From tasting the various mash bills, to the final product, the crew at Foundry Distilling Company have outdone themselves to make sure the spirit we receive is truly ours. Cheers.

Cory F. Gourley, Managing Partner, Gourley, Rehkemper & Lindholm, PLC

When we began the Private Barrel Club, we knew we would end up with a unique barrel of whiskey. What we didn’t know was that we would learn so much about the art and science to create it. Our friends at Foundry Distilling Company have outdone themselves throughout every step of the process and have truly become part of our comhluadar (community.) Sláinte!

Kurt & Robyn Sundermann, Waukee, IA

The Private Barrel Club has been an incredibly fun and informative process. Engaging our staff with The Foundry Distilling Co. staff and watching the barrel process come to life is so cool to watch. We are beyond excited to get to tasting our final product and unveil the project in conjunction with our company’s 30th year anniversary. A GREAT way to celebrate an important milestone for our team.

Rachel Eubank, Sticks President/Owner

We made our own whiskey as a team building activity. The Private Barrel Club was perfect and our team was really proud of the finished product.

Zac Voss, Owner, Voss Distributing

We wanted to make a great bourbon to share with our Peoples Company clients. The Private Barrel Club was exactly what we were looking for, and the team at Foundry Distilling went above and beyond in answering our questions and guiding us along the way. We appreciated their hands on and custom approach.

Steve Bruere, President, People’s Company

We crafted our whiskey with a customer to celebrate closing an M&A transaction. We enjoyed laughing, learning and collaborating with the team at Foundry, ultimately crafting our unique label and batch. It was a tremendous and memorable experience for all involved!

Eric Lohmeier, CPA, President, NCP, Inc.

When Wolf Construction began this process, we knew we’d end up with a unique bottle of booze. What we didn’t know was that we’d learn so much from, and make friends with, the Foundry crew along the way. It's been a first class experience!

Brandon Hoch, Business Development/Partner, Wolf Construction Services, Inc

Forgive the pun, but our experience with the Private Barrel Club is ‘proof’ that world-class, custom spirits are being made right in the middle of Iowa. The only mistake the team at Foundry made was not convincing us to make MORE barrels of our booze the first time around!

Mike Lang, President, FullCount, Des Moines, IA

What a GREAT experience our Senior Staff had with your Private Barrel Club. Thanks to your entire team for all of the knowledge and professionalism throughout the process. The next time I’m in Des Moines, I really look forward to getting back to The Foundry for a drink.

Nate Weaton, President & Chief Executive Officer, Weaton Capital

My wife and I made a barrel of whiskey for my birthday. It was a fun and educational experience for us and a great birthday present!

Scott Ewing, Greensboro, SC

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